TV Advertising

Our KSBT-LD Ch32.2 and 32.3 provides a simple, effective and accountable services for advertisers and advertising agencies to buy TV spots. Please contact us:

Tel: 626-912-3388 Ext. 218


KSBT-LD Ch32.2 and Ch32.3 can help optimize your television media spend and gain maximum economic returns.

KSBT-LD Ch32.2 和 32.3 提供簡單,有效和負責的服務方式,讓廣告客戶和廣告代理商按照您們的需求購買電視廣告時段。 請聯繫我們:

電話: 626-912-3388 Ext. 218


KSBT-LD Ch32.2 和 Ch32.3 可以幫助優化您的電視媒體花費,並取得最大的經濟效益。

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